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Aesthetic Tissue Grafting

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Aesthetic Tissue Grafting
In Post Falls

Just as important as the "white" part of your smile is the "pink" or the tissue. Having space between our teeth where the tissue has receded, also known as black triangles can be a difficult aesthetic concern. We're here to fix that.

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At Syringa Dental and Implants, we have an array of Aesthetic Tissue Grafting techniques to address your gingiva to keep it healthy, happy, and looking good. Addressing just your teeth alone might not get you to the perfect smile you want, without making sure your tissue is properly taken care of as well. 

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What is Aesthetic Tissue Grafting?

Aesthetic Tissue Grafting is the process of grafting tissue to combat gum recession and provide you with an enhanced smile by closing gaps in your gum line.

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